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About Michele

Michele Shanahan Demoss is Blair’s mother and President of our non profit organization, Blair’s Foster Socks.

Blair went home to heaven July 5th, 2011. Michele started Blair’s Foster Socks, the non profit organization Blair envisioned.

Now as Blair’s Foster Socks continues to grow and impact the lives of countless children in distressed situations, Michele works to spread the word about Blair’s mission, her story, the power of organ donation, the goals of our non profit organization, and the dangers of negligent firearm discharge.

Michele is a seasoned public speaker who has appeared on national television and at events throughout the Kansas City metropolitan area and beyond. Invite her to your school, church, charity events, or other occasions and she can discuss running a non profit organization, supporting children in distressed situations, the need for organ donation, and much more.

To learn more about the non profit organization Michele runs, continue exploring our website or call us today at (816) 405-0320.