Blair's Foster Socks

Blair Michaela Shanahan Lane had a vision unlike that of most 11-year-olds. She dreamed of starting Foster Socks, a non-profit organization in which people would donate clothes, socks, and other necessities to support foster families and children in distressed situations in Kansas City and beyond.

Unfortunately, Blair never lived to see her dream become a reality.

Our non-profit organization, Blair’s Foster Socks, was formed to carry on Blair’s legacy and realize her charitable vision. Her mother, Michele Shanahan-DeMoss, is dedicated to keeping Blair’s light alive by creating volunteer opportunities and encouraging others to donate clothes, socks, and monetary contributions to children in need. With the help of this non-profit organization, foster kids and other children in distressed situations receive necessities to ease the daily struggles they face.

Blair's Foster Socks isn’t just about providing items — we also work to provide hope. When you choose to donate clothes or socks to our non-profit organization, you help provide a little comfort and dignity to children and families in distressed situations in Kansas City and nationwide. Likewise, when you donate funds to our Kansas City charity, you better enable us to support children in distressed situations by covering our costs of operations and providing necessities and scholarships to children in need. The volunteer opportunities at Blair’s Foster Socks truly benefit children by providing them with hope.