Sock Drives

With the word Socks in our name, it’s no wonder that sock drives are one of the most popular charity events others host to support our charitable organization.


Whether you’re local to Kansas City or hosting charity events anywhere nationwide, we would be beyond honored to receive your support.


Annual Golf Classic

Big Hat Event

The Birthday Project

We always need help and volunteers at one of our many events throughout the year, you can provide a huge help to BFS and to foster children everywhere!

Other Ways To Get Invovled


The Memorial Golf Classic is an annual fundraiser presented by Blair’s Foster Socks. On this day, teams of golfers come together to golf for charity and celebrate Blair’s love for the sport. Blair dreamed of going to college on a golf scholarship and she was a member of the First Tee Program.


The Birthday Project is undertaken each year in honor and celebration of Blair Michaela Shanahan Lane, January 24, 2000 – July 4, 2011. Blair was passionate about affecting the world around her and we celebrate her legacy by giving back to the community and inviting others to do the same.

Each year, Blair’s Foster Socks spearheads a new project to benefit people in distressed situations in Kansas City and beyond.


We seek to carry out Blair’s vision of supporting children in distressed situations through periods of difficult transition by providing them with clean, fun socks, clothes, scholarship funds, and other necessities. Though sock collection is a key part of our mission, donating isn’t the only way you can support our charitable foundation. Each year, we host a variety of fun charity events that you can sponsor, attend, or volunteer for, such as the Big Hat Event.